Congratulations!!! You have officially done something no one else has! You have completely exhausted Jake! He is wiped out :)He is definitely making progress – and it’s all because of you. We really can’t thank you enough. Dave and I are the most grateful owners, !!

Ali and Dave

Kim, just to let you know how pleased we are with Melissa and Wags for Walks. It’s great to leave for work knowing that Bo is not only cared for, but he’s having a great time. We’re a bit jealous that he gets to play and swim daily while we’re inside! He truly seems happy and tired when we get home. Thank you!!

Alysia and David

Kimberly, who runs Wags 4 Walks, is awesome and it’s clear that she really cares about the dogs. When she came over for our consultation she whipped out her digital camera because she just “had to take a picture” of our dog Hudson because “she’s so cute!. We use her for the dog playgroup service once or twice a week. It’s definitely the best value around. For awhile, we were taking our pup to doggy daycare and although she was there all day she didn’t seem to be getting much exercise OR individual attention — now Hudson gets plenty of both during Kim’s hour-and-a-half long playgroup. Kim always leaves a note on the kitchen counter about what they did. Sometimes she’ll email me some photos so I can see what my dog’s been up to. She keeps the play groups small and matches the dogs by size, which is nice. Wags 4 Walks is a great.

Amanda G.

Dave and I searched for months to find someone to take care of Bailey while we were at work during the day. We were looking for someone who would come play with her and give her some love. We had just about given up when Bailey found Kim for us. As soon as we met Kim and watched her interact with Bailey we knew we had struck gold. Bailey loves going to playgroup and comes home exhausted – which we love! Neither Dave nor I ever have to worry when Kim has Bailey – we know that Bailey is safe and well taken care of. We also know she will get lots of love and attention from Kim. Kim treats Bailey as if she were her own dog and we couldn’t ask for more.

Amy D.

I just wanted to let you know how happy we are that you are taking such good care of Jackson. I’ve seen some of the pictures and he always looks like he is having such a great time. I never worry about him being with you and I really do look forward to reading the notes when I get home from work to see what Jackson did at playgroup. Jackson had a blast this past weekend, he was swimming in pools and Loved it!! Last night after his playgroup he was exhausted when we got home, it’s always great to see that!

Anita K.

Kim, thank you so much for the pictures. Thank you soooo much for everything. I appreciate that you work with my schedule so that Hank doesnt have to wait for me too long in the afternoon. Hank is really happy and he is being good with obedience training. He is learning stay and down right now. He is still a little stubborn and likes to snap sometimes but i think his stubbornness is just his way of communication – we are getting better at it. Ok Kim – take care – you and Shannon do a great job! Now i would recommend Wags4Walks not for the free walk – but because I know your team is stellar.


I am so glad that I was introduced to Wags 4 Walks. As with most dog owners that look for services that W4W provides, I love my little one to death and her health and lifestyle are of the utmost importance to me. Knowing how well she is treated and how much fun she has while under the care of W4W brings me great joy, not to mention how comfortable I can feel at work knowing she is out and about. It is clear that all of the W4W staff go above and beyond what they need to do because they genuinely WANT to do more. Just seeing my dog’s reaction when Kim walks through the door is enough of a testimonial for me. 🙂

Brendon K.

We became clients of Wags for Walks almost 8 months ago and have never looked back! Not only is Cooper tired on his playgroup days, his behavior at home during his days off is fantastic. However, the benefits you guys have given Cooper are miles beyond just “wearing him out” – the play groups have given him invaluable social skills and make him even more lovable to be around everyday. We will continue to enthusiastically tell folks of the gem we have found!!

Brett, Steph, & Cooper

Kim, your company, Wags4Walks, has been a great find for us and Paka. The flexibility you offer is invaluable, especially given our work schedules. As first-time dog owners, we appreciate the special attention you gave to Paka’s daily routine. It was instrumental in diagnosing and treating the UTI before it got more serious. Perhaps most importantly, you referred us to a great veterinarian. We absolutely love Dr. Storey! When you switched coverage to Amanda, we were worried not having you but Amanda has been great. She’s calm and commanding, and we’re sure Paka is enjoying her daily walks and playgroups very much! Thank you, and keep up the great work!

Carissa S.

Hi Kim, I would love to write a testimonial for your page. We are so happy that we found you guys! Jack seems to really love his days with Amanda 🙂 Thank you so much for everything! The dog shop down the street would like to hang your card on their wall for customers, I told them all about you!

Claire & Mike

I am so happy I found Wags 4 Walks. Actually, I should say Wyatt is so happy I found Wags 4 Walks. He loves going to his doggie playgroup. He waits by the door and as soon as he hears Kim, he does a little dance! Thank you!


We are thrilled to have joined Wags 4 Walks! Kim Weiner has been incredibly persistent and determined on building a loving relationship with our dog, Drifter, who takes a long time to warm up to people. Kim has been nothing but extremely patient and caring with Drifter throughout his trust issues. Now, Drifter loves going on his play groups and is always tired and well behaved when he returns! In addition, Kim updates us on how he does during the day via email, pictures, and/or written notes. She is also always flexible and accommodating with our work schedule that differs every week. We are truely fortunate to have Drifter in such great hands when we are working during the day!!

Cortnie & Kevin

Doogie just got his yearly check up and guess what, he is down a few pounds! Of course, I can’t really take credit. I told the vet it must be his weekly “wagger” dog play group. The vet said whatever it is keep it up! Thanks for being such a great dog walker!

Danielle V.

We are so thrilled that Riley is a Wagger. We often say to each other “thank goodness we found Kim”. That is not an exaggeration…we actually do. Like many dog owners, we are completely obsessed with the care and happiness of our little guy. Knowing Ri is with Amanda and Kim during the day we are never worried about him. We know he is being cared for and loved exactly as he would if we were home!

Love, E, C & R

Wags for Walks have been a lifesaver! Kim and her team are extremely flexible, accommodating and most importantly trustworthy. Each and everyday our pooch waits patiently by the door for his best friends to arrive. He has literally grown up with Wags 4 Walks and we are truly thankful that they treats him like their own!

Ellen P.

Honestly, Wags is the best thing that has ever happened to Donnelley. One morning, I was still home when you came to pick him up and he nearly turned himself inside out in excitement. Playgroup is great because he has the interaction with other dogs, but he also tires himself out so that when we get home at night he just wants to chew his bone and hang out. Plus it’s nice to know that if we ever needed you on short notice, you’ll try your hardest to be available.

Erin & Kevin P.

After our dog, Rocky, went with Kim for a playgroup one day, he was SO excited to go back. We had the chance to see Kim work her magic the next day when we ran into her and the group at the park. She is amazing with the dogs, watching their every move, giving them lots of positive reinforcement and always coming prepared with water, treats and hugs. She knows each and every one of her dogs’ personalities in and out and not only gives them exercise, but love and attention.Once I saw her in action, I felt so secure leaving my dog in her care. Kim helped us work with our dog on his barking tendencies in a positive and effective way. Not only did Kim love our dog, but got involved with the Boston Dog Rescue to help walk their foster dogs until they find new homes. She is dedicated to all of her clients and their dogs.


I can’t tell you how nice it is to come home to a dog that’s had a fun day. Sampson really loves Monday and Thursday more now than ever. Also, I enjoy reading Kimberly’s notes to see what mischief Sampson may have gotten himself into. Thanks again Kim.

Jeff A.

Thank you for the pictures of Lexie. It’s great to see her interacting and making new buddies in her playgroup. I can tell by the photos she is in good hands, which is very comforting to me since I always felt guilty while away at work. As of to date, Lexie has been nothing but exhausted when we get home (and even the next day), and is usually snoring away – very loudly I might add – by 7pm. Overall she seems just generally more relaxed..


Kim, you are the best! I can’t believe you were able to tire out Dexter! Dexter is almost 2 and I have never been able to wear him out. Now that he goes to his Wagger Playgroups, he comes home and actually sleeps! It is so nice to have some time for myself to do some work. Thank you!

Joey C.

I really wanted to say thank you for taking Brady into your group! I am so happy and I love the fact that I don’t have to worry when he is out with you. I know he can be super hyper sometimes and I just appreciate the fact that you understand that and are able to handle it in the right way! Thanks again for everything…I wish I could afford 5 days a week because I would definitely do it!!

Karen H.

Victor loves his time with the other dogs, and being in the group has helped him grow from a lively 4 month old puppy to a healthy, happy, well-behaved pup of nearly 8 months. Victor is our first dog and we didn’t know what to expect, and we’ve been thrilled with the Wags4Walks service. The puppy playgroups and field trips have been perfect for him — he is so tired and happy when he gets home, and he has learned fundamental social skills and good behavior from the other wagger dogs. We trust Wags implicitly with our little guy, as they are always accessible, responsive, polite, and cheerful.

Kathryne D.

I’m not sure if my boyfriend and I look forward to Thursdays more, or if our Collie/Shepherd mix Dante does. Thursdays for Dante means he gets to spend time with Kim, enjoy a car ride, run outside for hours, and play with his buddies. By the time he gets home he’s exhausted! Thursdays for us means we have the pleasure of knowing that Dante isn’t cooped up at home all alone, but rather that he’s getting lots of exercise and attention. Over the past 11 months, Kim has proven to be extremely loyal, responsive, and dependable. Her dedication and thoughtfulness has won the trust of us, and of Dante. Although it’s unfortunate that we can’t spend as much time with Dante during the day as we’d like, it’s refreshing to know that we can count on Kim to love him in our absence. Thank you Wags 4 Walks!

Kelly & Nick

I just wanted to let you know how great it is to come home and not feel guilty about being at work all day. I know Aspen is in great hands and having a great time! You are the best dog walker!

Lauren H.

Hi Kim! Thanks so much for the update. Oliver seems so happy and we couldn’t be more thrilled with how everything is going. Thanks also for the pictures – too cute. We love how tired Oliver is at the end of the day!

Lindsay & Mike

Hi Kim, Mia absolutely loves spending time you during the day! We are so relieved to have you guys come and take her out. Brenden and I were so worried about how she’d do since she’s just a puppy, but she’s getting so much exercise and is in such great spirits when we get home from work. We love that you are as concerned with her well being as we are and that you’re so flexible in the programs that you offer. We can’t thank you enough and are thrilled to have Mia be a wagger. Thanks!


I am so very grateful that Kim has started up Wags 4 Walks. Wags takes such good care of Bailey during the day. Having had so much trouble with Bailey in her first year with her immune system, I was very concerned with the doggie park they would be going to. After taking Bailey there one Saturday I was relieved to see that the park was clean and very well kept. On the days Bailey goes to doggie play group she seems to be worn out (that is not an easy thing to do). Bailey has found some loving friends for life at Wags 4 Walks. As for me, I am less stressed at work knowing Bailey is being well cared for. Thank you so very much for all you do!!!

Liz R.

Kim, I can’t tell you how great it feels knowing Saranac is getting so much love and care from you. I love your detailed notes and the extra things you both do. I really appreciate you cleaning up after Saranac when he has accidents in the house. You guys are the best!

Liz Y.

Hi Kim – Henry was suitably tired when I came home today and you had left a lovely long note for me detailing the day. So please pass on my thanks for that and for tending to ‘my boy’ so well. I was very happy at work knowing he was going to be loved and appreciated! I was thinking of why I chose to go with your company rather than the other’s I had met with (and side from the weirdoes I encountered..!) I feel it came down to your personality (I described you today as the Sex and the City of Dog walkers.. I hope you don’t mind!) and because you personally came to meet with me rather than sending someone else. So thank you for venturing out on a cold dark night and spending so much time getting to know Henry and myself. I wish you all the best with your company – it’s a bold and wholly admirable step to have taken, well done.


Our mini schnauzer Barney absolutely loves Kim and the rest of the wagers. Each day when he hears a car door close he quickly runs to the window hoping that it is her and the rest of his playmates. Kim is always there when we need her, especially for last minute requests. Kim, can you be our live-in doggy nanny!

Marc & Krystel Cohn

We can’t say enough about Kim and Wags 4 Walks. Our dog, Zoey, has a much more fulfilling week now thanks to Kim. And she has a new best friend! My family and I feel so lucky to have found such a caring and responsible person to help care for our dog. Thank you!

Mary N.

Kim, you are a lifesaver! I have to tell you that Maisy slept yesterday from 2:30-7:30 and then conked out again around 10:00… also for the first time EVER she was not up at 5:15 this morning. I had to wake her up at 6:45 andshe was on the pillow snoring away. Talk about immediate satisfaction! You are the best and the pics are great! Thanks so much!

Meridith G.

Thanks, Kim. You are so wonderful! Here’s the thing — you’re setting the bar really high. The problem here is that if you ever move or stop walking dogs for any reason, I won’t be able to replace you!

Mike W.

Wags for Walks is a fantastic dog-walking service. Kim Weiner, the owner, is incredibly professional and understands animals very well. They are flexible and accommodating. My walker, Kelly, leaves me helpful notes to let me know how my pet did that day. I have every confidence that my dog is in good hands when I am away. It is such a relief for a working person to be able to know that everything is well managed at home. I recommend them highly!

Mindy H.

Kim, I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how happy Paula, myself, and the “kids” are with Wags4Walks. We’re extremely grateful how dedicated you are to providing our dogs with the attention they think they deserve. We have total peace of mind knowing they are in your care. It’s great to come home at the end of the day and read the notes about how everyone fared and to see our tired pooches! Thanks for all the great work!

Paula & Michael

Kim and Wags 4 Walks have been instrumental in getting our two rescued hounds settled into their “forever home.” We interviewed other walkers and I can honestly say that we let out a sigh of relief when we found Wags 4 Walks. From the moment we met Kim, we knew she was professional, caring and trustworthy. Our dogs are sooo happy on their playgroup days!! We’ve seen the positive changes as they get more socialized and learn good doggy behavior. Wags 4 Walks keeps us informed about their adventures and lets us know if there are any medical or behavioral problems to address. This is essential in getting new dogs settled into a home! When we have a scheduling issue or an emergency, Wags 4 Walks has smoothly accommodated our needs. We feel so lucky to be a part of the Wagger family!

Renee and Rob

Our dogs were totally great when we got home on. If they had been cooped up, without exercise, they would have been wired to see us. Instead they were lackadaisical and bored with us. Thank you!

Rita & Cliff G.

I can’t wait to move to the suburbs so that Jack can join the awesome playgroups that you offer. Even though you see Jack part time, when he is at my parents’ house in Needham , he misses you and is always so excited to see you. I really appreciate and admire your energy, devotion and love towards the pups that you take care of.

Rita W.

I can not say enough about Wags for Walks or its owner Kim Weiner. Kim has done wonders for my dog Cooper. Ever since he has started to go to “school” as we like to call it he has become such a more well rounded dog. The amount of exercise he gets from his playdates really allows him to be a better dog! Kim and her staff have become a part of our family. They genuinly are excited to see Coop and truly care about his well being. When Coop hears Kim’s car he will go running for the door and will jump up into her car. If you love your dog as much as I do I would highly suggest becoming part of the Wags for Walks family! Thanks for everything W4W!!!

Sara M.

Kim, I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing Coco has been now that she goes to play group. On Mondays and Wednesdays when we come home she hasn’t disturbed her little area at all, and she hasn’t had one accident!!!! She is also so happy when we get home and then she’s sooooo tired. Shannon has been amazing – her notes are awesome, and I am crazy and email her all the time and she always gets right back to me. It makes us so happy to come home and know she has been out and about during the day, and not all sad and alone!!!

Shelley and Justin

Bogey is so happy to be a part of the Wags for Walks family! He absolutely loves Kim, Newton and his other furry friends. Knowing that he is having a great time, getting plenty of excercise, and is well cared for makes me so at ease during my work day

Steph C.

Thank you so much for being so nice to us! You are so different from other dog walkers I have had. I can certainly see your business grow with your sincere attitute. I’m super positive that people will appreciate it and refer to others. I will do that too!

Tami F.

Thank you for taking such good care of Nekisha on such short notice. I appreciate your concern for Nekisha and value your kindness.


Hi Kim! Things are wonderful, I left a note on Friday for Melissa letting her know that every time I come home after her playgroups she is totally worn-out! A tired dog is a happy dog…We love it and Chloe does too! I’m still amazed that she is swimming :-). We went from one extreme to the other as far as dog-care is concerned and we couldn’t be happier! I love the notes!

Tara B.

Words cannot express our appreciation for your hard work, dedication and love for our dog, Charlie. You are a hero. He is resting comfortably at Vetcision, and we hope to bring him home in the next couple of days. I know you will never take credit for your swift and accurate diagnosis of Charlie’s health, but we give thanks you were here to help us. And we give thanks that Charlie is still here.

Teri G.

Wags 4 Walks has been a part of our family for 5 months. We feel at ease and comforted to know that Kim and her staff take such good care of Gavin while we are at work. There have been days when I have needed to stay at work late and Wags 4 walks has been so flexible in accomodating our needs. One day I was home when Kim arrived to pick up Gavin…he ran over to her with excitement anad left the house with his tail wagging. Kim has so much warmth and love for all of her waggers! Thank you so much!

The DeBenedictis Family

Hi Kim! We are very pleased with the playgroup. I did meet Amanda in person yesterday and really liked her and felt comfortable with her knowledge/ abilities etc. It was evident that Sydney loves her and is thrilled to go off in her car. We really appreciate the feedback as well on how he is doing.

Trish F.

 Posted on : May 4, 2015