Discovery Channel Features W4W Waggers! Article posted on 8/30/08


The ponds and fields of bucolic Gordon College in Wenham served as the backdrop for a new Discovery Channel show, “Time Warp,” yesterday. The show, which airs Oct. 13 and is hosted by MIT doctoral student and teacher Jeff Lieberman, dissects everyday events with high-speed cameras, showing viewers everything they’re missing in slow-mo, said producer Eric Galler. Yesterday’s focus: dogs shaking off water.

Fifteen pooches, brought to the college by Kimberly Weiner, founder of Wags 4 Walks, were filmed jumping out of the school’s ponds. “Just wrangling them was hard – it’s hard enough to work with one live animal,” Galler said. Students, who started classes this week, didn’t really notice the film crew since they shot in a secluded area, said associate director of college communications Cyndi McMahon. Galler said his production crew, with LA-based Creative Differences, has been all over the state recently, shooting car crashes and pole vaulting, among other subjects. “We do things as crazy as car wrecks to blowing bubbles.” And they all love Massachusetts so much, he added, they’re looking for excuses to shoot here again. Awww shucks.

 Posted on : May 6, 2015