Kim-KatzI have always felt a special connection with animals, and dogs have always held a special place in my heart. I have grown up with dogs my whole life and I can honestly say there has never been a time when dogs were not a part of my family.

In a way I have been a dog walker my whole life! What can I say, I love dogs! I love the way they tilt their heads when you are telling them a story; I love how they shake with excitement when you come to their house; I love how they remember you and look forward to your return; and finally I love knowing that I am helping them stay happy and healthy by providing the exercise and socialization they truly need in a safe environment. Simply put, I love walking dogs!

I graduated Cum Laude from Tulane University with a degree in Marketing and Psychology. After graduation I worked as a marketing executive for a leading software sales company. I then switched careers and worked as a pharmaceutical sales representative at one of the most prominent pharmaceutical companies. Even though I was financially successful at these “corporate” jobs, I always felt empty and unfulfilled. I missed my dog, Newton, and couldn’t wait to come home and whisk him off to the park.

My family, seeing how I would light up around dogs, knew I had a special way with animals. They were amazed at the way dogs gravitated to me and encouraged me to follow my dreams and become a dog walker. My friends, witnessing my dedication to Newton, began to ask me to include their dogs during my daily visits to the park. Word soon spread and after several requests and at the urging of several friends, I left corporate America to open “Wags 4 Walks!”. I am now a full time dog walker and have found my calling!

I hope you will allow me the privilege to walk your dog when you are not able to do so. I promise to treat each pet as if they were my own and to provide them with a safe environment to romp around and wag their tail! Remember, it’s their walk and they can wag if they want to!! – Kimberly Katz, Founder

 Posted on : May 4, 2015